For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life"

– John: 3:16

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Rich History | Bright Future

Nestled in the countryside of eastern Henrico County amidst heritage farms and fallow battlefields lies Willis United Methodist Church. Founded before 1803, Willis has served to make and nurture disciples of Jesus Christ for over two centuries.

We strive to live into our mission statement:

"Willis UMC exists to be God's instrument in finding, connecting, and transforming people into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ."

The church building was first built in its current location in 1803 and has been witness to much local history. On New Year's Eve 1946 the building was ravaged by fire and rebuilt the following year, as a testament to the power of God who sustains us through all manner of trials and tribulations. The congregation at Willis is faithful and has long persisted to do God's work in our community.

Today, new communities are springing up in the community around Willis Church. And as the county has grown, so has Willis United Methodist Church. Today we are a strong but small congregation of less than 150 people. Our worship attendance averages about 50-60 people and we are active in ministry in many ways.

We hope that you will come worship with us and consider becoming part of the Body of Christ at Willis United Methodist Church.

We are located in the eastern portion of Henrico County.

From Route 60 East:

From Route 5:

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